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Sobriety News
The Sobriety News is a publication of the Harrisburg Area Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is written, edited, and read by AA members, and those interested in the AA program of recovery from the disease of alcoholism, linking one alcoholic to another. Our desperation to find relief from the bondage of alcoholism has led us to this program as a new " design for living". Many members utilize meetings, sponsorship, self examination, amends, prayer, meditation, AA literature, service to fellow alcoholics, and many other tools to maintain their recovery. This publication is intended as one more tool to live a life of recovery. Because each AA member has an individual way of working this program, divergent views to recovery, within the concept of the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, are welcome. An effort is made to print all viewpoints in this forum. Articles are not intended to be statements of AA policy, nor does publication of any article imply endorsement by AA or the Harrisburg Area Intergroup.

May 2017:

29th - Monday - Fellowship House BBQ - FLYER

JUNE 2017:

10th - Saturday - Bridge Street Group (Founders Day) Sober on the Susquehanna- FLYER

JULY 2017:

1st - Saturday - Fish Fry - Details to Follow (Fellowship House)
4th - Tuesday - 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM - Alcothon - Details to Follow (Fellowship House)
14th - 16th- Soberfest II - The Awkakening 2017 - FLYER

AUGUST 2017:

Check Back


4th - Monday - 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM - Alcothon 2:00 PM Chicken BBQ - Details to Follow (Fellowship House)


15th -Sunday - 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM - Chili Cook Off (Lykens) - FLYER

Bowling: Fellowship Bowling at Trindle Bowl - FLYER


June 23-25, 2017 - Lancaster Campout at Pequea Creek (Pequea Creek Website) - FLYER

If you would like to add something to the Sobriety News, please Email: info@aaharrisburg.org


The Central Service Office is located in the Fellowship House, 1251 South 19th Street, Harrisburg, PA.

District 36

Harrisburg Area Intergroup is located within District 36, Area 59.
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